Rav (corvid) wrote,

Playing with Worlds

I'm going to try to do this semi-regularly. No promises.

Premise: Writing characters / worlds / situations often works better if you have someone to bounce ideas off of. Questions, comments, and even reading other work can often kick start something.

Now, if you want to publish something, you of course don't want it to be public. Feel free to leave a comment pointing back to a locked entry if so desired.

Characters can be hard to write for a lot of different reasons. Places can be hard too, even if you're writing about the present day. One thing I love is to be able to more or less say, "Well, of course, in this area, breakfast would be X" or "Jane Doe likes X, Y, and Z". Crunchy details adds life to your writing. Also, it can give you plot ideas or conflict.

Give me a character or place, and I'll ask you three questions about it. What'll you get out of this? Hopefully, crunchy details to play with. Perhaps an idea for a character. Perhaps plot ideas. Perhaps something you never even thought of.

So I can play too, I'll give you a format and a place to ask me about.

Who or What? Bonna Lorena, a Venice like city in an unknown future time period. Technology level is an oddly clunky cybernetics - most computers / televisions, etc. need heavy insulation to work even poorly. Lately, the government has become more strict in reaction to a nasty fire and riot. Various civic groups are working to protect human rights with varying levels of success and altruism. One such group is the Cards.

Tell us more. Anything that's great or cruddy in this place / person's life? Good points? Bad points? Things that are unusual? Poor water quality. Almost everyone is on a dole of food. Huge class divide between the upper town and the lower. Corruption. Nasty genetic disease in the area, but it's not wide spread. It's a lovely city though, and it used to be a thriving port town. Decent literacy rates (average of about fourth grade.) Computers and internet are widespread, but censored. There're no roads in Lorena, practically. Only canals and the swampy edges.

Any concerns about this place or person / problems / questions? I'm writing mostly from an insider view of the city. Questions about daily life would be good. Questions about anything can probably get an answer.

Tomorrow, I'll post some sample questions, if I have time, and the reasoning behind them.
Tags: world building

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