Rav (corvid) wrote,

Thomas takes his spiked tea and pulls a chair out for Yisou. "I heard that you and him had a brawl."

Yisou sits down and looks rueful. "We did. There was mutual sniping about family..."

"THe general insulting-of-mothers?" NIi looks sympathetic.

Thomas sips his tea. "I didn't know his family was anything particularly noteworthy. Either way, you - want to apologize to him? Or are you being asked to do it?"

Yisou says, "I'd like to. ...And his family isn't really. it's simply he and his sister together, but I made untoward remarks...he madethe same about my mother so...erm. We were both - rather drunk."

Thomas says, "I suppose the simplest solution would be to talk to him. I doubt he'd be violent."

(Thomas: ... I'm surprised he's confiding in me. And that kid's too nervous. I wonder if he thinks he's going to get kicked out? I thought the dean settled things.)

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