Rav (corvid) wrote,

There's a new Eien no Filena translation -

And I shall ramble away -

Paused after the Balabas fight.

General notes about style:
- Text over runs the screen on the f of 'of' just before Master Zenna mentions where her room is and to rest well.

- I'm not sure if chests have been translated yet, but the chest in the Zenna's room has a garbled text. I believe it's 'it's locked.' The post battle text for the honeybee fight is not translated on the chest either.

- The graphic of the honeybee that Zenna makes you fight is glitched. That's more than likely my emulator.

- Filena's level up text has the "l" very blurred into the e. It looks fine with, for example, the Flying Ripper. The "u" to b thing on Double Thrust also has a similar closeness. I suspect that's the font more than anything else. ( 'm' to b on Balabas' "My Crystal Axe will tear you limb to limb" in the battle text also has that close spacing thing.) All of these are still quite readable.

- Minor grammar quibble - The "I will always be waiting for you here, Filena" line by Lila (when she's waiting back in Filena's house) sounds a tiny bit clunky. I think it's that the "here" sounds like it's dangling at the end of the sentence. Since I've got no clue if that phrase is important, it's hard to quibble one way or the other. I do wonder if "I will always be waiting here, Filena" might work, but that loses the 'for you' part of the phrase.

- Line length - Nest's line "What the hell were you investigating" after the Information center may not need a return before the you. That's an esthetics quibble, really.

- Untranslated text after the blinding scene when you're in what I assume is the Black Devil headquarters. It's the entire scene.

- Consistancy quibble - The Barabba 4 in the burning battle school may use a different version of the "nameless and known to none" line, but I had the text speed up a bit high to say for certain.

Mindless squeeing and rambling:
- It's nifty to see what he's actually saying in the first battle. The younger Filena sprite is also rather cute, now that I'm trying to notice things.

- I wonder if the prisoners in the dungeon are the same Blond Brigade that show up in the ending.

- Really subtle, Filena, with the flowers in your room.

- The rector has bright pink hair. Or hat.

- The townspeople text seems a lot more rounded and characterized (at the start of the game, most of them hate Filena, but it's well written.) Zenna sounds rather generic next to that. Then again, I think that's just due to the fact that Zenna's not exactly got a lot of dialogue yet, and he seems to mostly be big and strong and drill sargant like.

- I like Nest. Nifty guy. (Though it's still a mystery why he likes hammers so much.)

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