Rav (corvid) wrote,

Kage - favorites

Kage enters the ring for round two -

What is your favourite...


I don't care.
.... Well, truthfully, Williams likes spring for the book sales and the warm weather. I like winter since it's cold and I can sit close to people.
What can I say? I like snuggling.


Chocolate sauce covered crepes. No whipped cream. Good chocolate.


......... For eating, dead ones.
For company, Williams likes cats. I suppose I do too.


Grey, brown, black - something non-flashy. Subtle. Easy to hide stains on.

Time of day?

Sunset since I like the colors in the sky.


I once was pretty good at fencing. Now, I suppose I'm a passable knife fighter.
..... I just stopped fencing. It's not important.

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