Rav (corvid) wrote,

Milanese socks

Fun toe-up sock pattern posted at http://www.magknits.com/ .

If anyone has questions about the pattern, feel free to comment.

Frankly, Fantomas is a lovely yarn to use. It's slightly 'wooly' fresh off the skien, but it washes very well and is easy to knit. I was not impressed with Lannett Superwash. It could be due to the colorway, but the socks became extremely 'fuzzy' and the stitches lost their crispness after one gentle washing. The socks are silky smooth though, and if you don't mind the chance of pilling, quite comfortable.

If you hate acrylic, any worsted weight yarn could be used instead of Caron Simply Soft. Something like Yarn for Sox would add a gorgeous heathered look to the finished sock. I calculated that I used less than 90 yards for those very small pink socks, but I suspect that anything close to a normal size of sock would use about 200 yards.

You can't really see it in the photos, but Lannett at my gauge was trying to form a massive pool of color up one side of my toe. The lace helped reduce it to almost stripes. I suspect that Lorna Laces would be similarly soothed.

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