Rav (corvid) wrote,

Video game babble

Maten Densetsu is a SNES game that I decided to check out, mostly because I saw comparisons with it and the Persona series. It's - interesting.

Basically, you have a choice of about 5 different people at the start of the game. A FAQ I read claimed they're all men, but frankly one of them looks rather like a woman (he's called Hokuto as well, which is linked to Tokyo Babylon in my mind.) Once you've chosen them, you're tossed into a game that really resembles a chose your own adventure game more than a standard rpg.

Good points: The art style is a lot like the early 80's Shadowrun art style. (I suppose it's also like Metal Gear, but more cyberpunk.) The plot is pure crack - as best I can understand it, Japan is floating about in space. Your hero can summon weapons and falls through a doctor's roof in this new Japan. Music is really nice.

There's also the interesting fact that you've got an infared camera, more or less. Hit Y and you can 'seek' where people are on the map.

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