Rav (corvid) wrote,

Kage - Outline 3

And Kage uses the oppurtunity to angst -

Tell us about...
Your place of birth.

Basement of Yonathen Iglesias' castle on January the thirteenth.

Williams was born on the winter equinox. Sadly, we remember my brithday more then his.

Your childhood.

I didn't have one.
.... I don't want to talk about this.

Your parents.

Williams had his unknown father and Tirena Evanheart. I - suppose Yonathen is mine.

Your siblings

Williams had Trevor, his darling innocent brother. I - well, I suppose Trevor's my brother too. I was a pretty poor excuse for a brother though. He likes me more then I'd expect.

Your (current) home.

Twin Doors. It's a Monger house in the City. I was surprised they were willing to let us stay there.

Your favourite "hang out".

Williams likes the library at Twin Doors. And this little crepe shop downtown. I like this corner in the second story of Twin Doors where there's a nice sunny window seat. I tend to fall asleep up there a lot in the winter.

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