Rav (corvid) wrote,

Snow! Also, babble about NES games

There's about a foot of snow out there. If not more. My net connection may be spotty.

So - interesting stuff I've poked at this year -

Tao, NES, Vap (NTV), 1989 = This is a disturbingly creepy little game that honestly seems like Xenogears and Earthbound got very drunk and weren't quite sure which parent it resembled more. You ride a dinosaur as the railway. You're a kungfu psychic. You've got something to do with a terrible prophecy that'll hit in the far future of 1999. You wear a really silly red jumpsuit (and your running animation so looks like disco moves.) Unfortunately, the battle system is hammering a button, and the font is unbearable to peer at. Judging from the publisher, I wonder if it had an anime tie in? Alas, it's racist.

http://vgrebirth.org/games/game.asp?id=16462 - Cover and some data

Madara, NES, Konami, 1990 = The manga series it's based off of seems to be too gorey and plot light for my taste, but there's an interesting backstory. Pity that the equipment method in the game is completely counterintuitive (select item, party items, member, your person, equip.) The main character was brutally mutilated as a kid, and is now powered with cyborg like gadgets. The world there could be fun to poke at. There seems to be 2 SNES sequels - I played one of them, and the main character had a very very silly walk (arms + legs akimbo from one angle, fairly normal from another.)

http://vgrebirth.org/games/game.asp?id=16783 - Cover, and some data

Dream Master, NES, Birthday, 1992 = Now this, I'd expect to see on Gameboy with a super cryptic manual and a hint guide that's all maps. Basically, your hero is saving a princess, trapped in her dreams by an evil wizard. He blunders through a foggy maze, and if he manages to _not_ hurt himself, he's healed by the mocking wizard. Battles are very Dragon Quest like - with the added fun that each enemy has a 'weak point' that hurts them more if you bop them. The introduction is quite nice.

http://vgrebirth.org/games/game.asp?id=16518 - Cover

In other news, in Idea no Hi, yukie1013 has reached the point where you can fight Idea - and we have all the general's names. Apparently her mighty 4 generals are: Demok, Equale, Piizu, and Jaste.

.... I still think they're supposed to be puns on peace, democracy, equality, and justice. If you're interested, satsu, I think Yukie's got screenshots of the Idea conversation, where some nifty stuff is revealed.

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