Rav (corvid) wrote,

Random SNES game

So I saw a game called "The Last Battle," and instantly thought that it sounded like a generic Final Fantasy clone. It's by Teichiku and was published in 1994. Starting the game up showed - a scene in a classroom with some thuggish looking kid learning magic. Generic. Generically generic.

Cover of the game was generic. There's your generic green tuniced hero. A generic little dwarf like guy. A generic pixie ish girl and someone else.

But, I continued. Leaving class, the town was painted a lovely orange from a sunset, and the graphics were decent. Far closer to Tales of Phantasia's style of lush rounded shapes compared to say - Paladin Quest's sharp pixels. Puttering around, I found the hero's home. Upstairs, his dad turned out to look like a dwarf with a fondness for dayglo blue. His dad babbled about him being 16 (?) and then lead him downstairs to a secret passage under a pot. There, the generic hero got his generic initial weaponry and armor. Upstairs, I stole - something from a chest. A necklace? Who knows. The menus were cute Shining Force style sprites, btw. Very competent looking.

So, I chatted up the mother, and then dad showed up again with - Odin.

Or well, a cheap knockoff of Odin. Odin Lite and the parents blocked one exit from town, and he dropped sparkles on the hero's head (healing, as it turns out.) Then, I got to go out on the world map. Music is actually pretty decent so far.

Surprise number three - the hero on the world map is tiny. He's almost in scale to the town, even. Staggering down a road, he fights off some terrifying tiger lilies (I've given up understanding starting enemies in RPGs.) Then, we found a cave.

After levelling up to level 5ish, the hero discovers a purple crystal in the cave, and gives it to Odin Lite. Then, soldiers start attacking. Battles, I discover, seem to be mostly AI run.

There's this nifty thing where you march around killing enemies while your townspeople are under attack. Apparently you get doohickeys from battle that you can then sell later for money. One of the enemies in the attack thing gave me something worth 725 Sol later. Either way - the hero wins. People are hurt though, and the mayor hands you what I think is a letter.

Letter is taken up north to a castle, and the king is troubled. The princess (?) decides to accompany you. She's an ice mage. Then, alas, I got killed fighting off some soldiers trying to defend the castle.

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