Rav (corvid) wrote,

Sugar free Hot chocolate

This recipe makes for a thick and flavorful hot chocolate mixture - it's not super sweet though.

1 cup milk heated to very hot

2 - 3 tsp cocoa (I do 1 tsp of dark ground chocolate - you could easily use a little chunk of a good quality dark chocolate here)
1 tsp corn starch or rice flour (make sure your rice flour is very finely ground - some of the natural food store's versions have grit to them and this does not soften.)
Pinch salt
2 packets of sugar replacement of your choice

Options -
1/4 tsp of an extract of your choice
pinch of instant coffee
pinch of cinnamon

Mix together, and microwave the finished mixture to reach a nice temperature. The starch thickens the end result to make it seem like you're using cream.
Tags: food

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