Rav (corvid) wrote,

So - finally got the last Christmas present

Preordered Retro Game Challenge for the DS. Thanks to delays, it came out recently.

It's a surprisingly good translation, and the story mode's actually fun to play. One thing I love about it is how they handled the voice clips. You see, the gimmick is that your character (male or female) is playing games to beat challenges and escape to their own time. Meanwhile, a kid's watching you play. Yeah, the kid's voice is too 'old' sounding, but there's some cleverness.

For example, if you sleep in an inn (or start up a game) you sometimes get a "Let's GO!" kind of voice clip. Dialogue in the RPG section gets "In~teresting" or "boring" muttering (which gets old fast). Dying _just_ after respawning or when a stage is almost over occasionally gets a fustrated growl.

Gamewise, the shooters are easiest - you basically start with Galaga (renamed, but still - it's Galaga.) It's easy, and you can even do the 'see the shot before it happens' to hit the top line of an enemy stack to clear out all of them. It's long too - 64 stages. You basically need to play about 3 stages to do the challenges in the most easy manner.

Next is Door Door mixed with Ninja Gaiden, basically. You can hop on enemies or slam doors in their face to kill them. The challenges are a little more complex this time, but it's still pretty easy. The final boss is annoying - there's several portions of his animations where he's an instant kill.

Then - there's the racing game. The first iteration of this is easy. You literally don't have to do more than two races to beat it. Input the invunerability and no cars code, and you're done. The actual racing is about as graceful as men on stilts on ice. Drunk. In a firefight.

Next up is a Star Soldier ripoff - right down to the combining enemy (that you can shoot for tons of points. You barely need to play any of it. Quite fun, though it's hard to tell what's safe to touch in the game.

Then there's the second racing game - a noodle sponsered ripoff of the first one (cutely, the manual is identical to the first one, with the same pictures tagged 'photo from *name of first game*'). You have to beat a course in a specific time. I made it by 3 seconds. Later, I realized the course was icy. That was a terrible terrible race. Boosting, your way to win the race, is done via getting to 200mph, tipping the car at an angle to drift, aiming your preferred boosting direction, and then tapping accelerate after a second. And it may boost. There seems to be a bug where in you can repeat boost as long as you have that second of drifting time.

There's the sequel to the Ninja slamming doors game which can be beaten in literally a few minutes, challenge wise. Actually playing the game, the final boss is easier than the one just before it.

So - yeah - the game's got a nice variation in challenges, and almost all of them are easy until you get down to the racing ones. The RPG has a very clever thing where the translation is deliberately clunky.

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